Let It Snow Review


Victoria Dojaquez, Staff

Let it Snow is a Netflix Original movie. It’s a drama romance film that came out November 8th 2019. Staring Isabela Merced, Shameik Moore, Odeya Rush, and many more. It was directed by Luke Snellin. The movie is rated PG-13.

The movie is the story of teenagers in the small town of Laurel, Illinois. A snowstorm hits and they are snowed in. The main teens all have different problems they have to face, including a secret crush, and a girl who falls in love with a famous singer. The teens get caught up with all their problems to the point that it makes them drift apart by the end. 

I really liked how they put a star who is used to luxury and the high end lifestyle in a small town with a girl who doesn’t understand it. The way they started to show each other their life styles and how it’s not that different, is very refreshing in a very boring movie. I enjoyed the way they put a LGBTQ character facing a big issue. However, the movie itself wasn’t very entertaining and I got lost half way into it. 

This movie is a lot like other teen rom-coms on Netflix like “To all the Boys I’ve Loved before” and “Tall Girl”. They have a lot of the same elements, like teens facing their issues, or teens with problems that really don’t matter. These movies were overall very boring and black and white. They seemed to follow the same outline and weren’t very interesting. 

I would rate this movie a ⅖ and I would probably not watch it again. I think it had some characters that did outshine the others. The storyline was really difficult to follow, and although it did have some good moments, it was overall bad.