Frozen 2


Devon Brown, Staff

This is a Comedy/Adventure, PG rated movie written by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. The main characters that are the stars of this animated film are Elsa who is played by Idina Menzel, Anna who is played by Kristen Bell, Sven who is played by Jonathan Groff, and Olaf who is played by Josh Gad. 

Elsa is called to an enchanted forest to find the origin of her powers and how her and her sister’s parents died. She takes along her sister Elsa, her friend and sister’s boyfriend Kristoff, her friend and snowman Olaf, and Kristoff’s reindeer Sven.  Together all of them need to find a way to save their kingdom (Arendelle) and find a way to make it out of the forest.

This movie was an overall pretty good movie but it seemed kind of rushed and I would have made the movie longer. Some of the storyline didn’t make sense but I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 stars. There was way too much singing and I liked the first one way more than the second one.

The movie had a lot of the same characters from the first one but some characters sing that usually didn’t sing in the first one like Kristoff. There were some new characters and a lot of new songs. The movie kind of fit the original storyline but there weren’t a lot of connections and I would have definitely made the transition more clean.

If you liked the singing in the first one, or wished there was more singing, then I would definitely recommend this movie. There were a lot of the same main characters in the second movie that also played the main characters in the first movie, so if you liked those main characters, then I would recommend this movie.