Canvas and Cocktails Online Paint Class


Elie Yates, Staff


As coronavirus has interrupted many daily activities and left us with not much to do, Canvas and Cocktails has been putting on Zoom paint classes for the public to enjoy. Classes are at 2:00 and 6:30 almost everyday of the week. You can signup for classes on their where their calendar and other information is also located. The regular location is on 6862 S. University Blvd. Centennial, Colorado 80122. There phone number is 303-794-6696.

Before I could get to any painting, a parent drove to the physical store to pick up the supplies for the painting. This included the paint brushes, canvases, and paints we would need for our painting. We set up a large stand in our garage with paper over and under the table so we didn’t spill paint on anything. At 2:00, we got onto the Zoom with our brushes ready. The instructor’s name was Eylse and she was dressed like Monet and was super happy and kind to everyone. Once everyone was on the Zoom and ready, we were muted and she gave us the first instructions. We went step by step through the painting, starting with the background to the finishing details. We had plenty of time to finish each part of the painting and to make sure it dried. Music played in the background as we painted too. After an hour or so, we finished our painting with some splatter and let it dry in the sun. 

After being bored for the majority of quarantine, it was really fun to get up and do something. I love to take these paint classes in person, but for obvious reasons we couldn’t. Being able to take them at home though was super fun, it was a lot like the actual classes. There were a few things missing that you can’t get online. It was a lot harder to get help from the instructor because you had to leave a note in the comments and they couldn’t show you exactly what they were talking about. Seeing all the people over a muted screen makes it a lot harder to communicate and have fun with friends. I did have some other people I knew on the call too, but you can’t talk and see each other’s paintings like in the studio. But, even though nobody could talk, the class had a great energy to it. Our instructor, Elyse, was super upbeat and positive. She accommodated everyone as best she could and made painting fun and easy. It was a completely different environment than the rest of quarantine in a very good way.

All over Parker and Douglas County, there are paint studios very similar to Canvas and Cocktails. Just off of Mainstreet, Canvas Uncorked is another local business with in store and online painting classes. I have been to both studios and they are so similar, it is hard to say which is better. Painting with Canvas and Cocktails is easier to do than regular painting on your own. You can have the help of a professional right next to you or on the screen and they can give you tips and tricks to improve your artwork. 

If you are bored during quarantine, I would recommend painting with Canvas and Cocktails 100%. It is a great activity to spend time on and make something you’re proud of. You can invite friends to get on the same call as you and paint together online. The 2:00 class is the best time because it is in the middle of the day and you probably have finished school by then. Canvas’s May classes are available on their website for only $10 per household and $15 for the supplies.