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Is Procrastination Bad?

Avery Shankles, Staff

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Procrastination is when you push something off to a different date, or postpone it. Many students procrastinate on homework, classwork, and other things. Here we are going to find out if it is actually harmful.


When you have more time to finish a project you might more easily let your mind wander and drift from the task at hand, but having something that must be done by tomorrow helps you to drown out other distractions and really focus on what you need to do to get it done.” says Kurt Smith of Psyche Central, a website focusing on the world on psychology.


It’s true you’d be more focused the day before, but another source says it puts more stress on your brain to work last minute.


Procrastinators earned lower grades than other students and reported higher cumulative amounts of stress and illness. True procrastinators didn’t just finish their work later — the quality of it suffered, as did their own well-being.” says Eric Jaffe of Observer.


Overall there are pros and cons to procrastinating. On one hand, it may be easier to stay focused if you wait until the night before, but it also puts more stress onto your brain. You should make sure you work at a “reasonable time” meaning you can get it done if you procrastinate. Another good option is working on the project throughout a few days so you don’t have a lot of work at once.


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Is Procrastination Bad?