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Schedule Change Between This Year and Last Year

Hailey Toth, EIC

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Teachers are struggling with the new schedule and claim it has taken time away from their instructional time. Adding the block days and shortening passing periods were made to make up the 9 minutes they’ve lost everyday.

Language Arts teacher Erin Kelley on Phoenix said last year we had 58 minutes for 3 days and 51 minutes for 2 days out of the week. This year we have 46 minutes 3 times a week and 87 minutes once a week for each of the block periods. We have lost 51 minutes of instructional time each week.

“I think we’ve lost some time in classes. I don’t find it profoundly in language arts because what I’m doing is encouraging kids to do a lot of more reading at home so things that used to happen in class would end up being some homework. So we’ve lost some time, but I don’t think its a real huge amount,” said Jennifer Rike, language arts teacher on team Falcon.

Compass Learning was put in the school to make up that time that we lost as well. The scores the students get on MAP are used to find out the levels they are on for Compass Learning. “MAP scores definitely went up, but I’m curious how that correlates with Compass Learning because many students still avoid doing their Compass Learning program,” Rike said.

“I don’t think the kids are missing out on anything. Your brain actually stops absorbing that information until it has time to practice it. In a class like language arts, I don’t feel the impact of that. I can run up between someone’s saturation point, but then we can just switch activities. How you use the time is far more important with language arts than how much time you have,” Rike said.
iLab is a new class for the 8th graders that practices the design thinking process. The 7th graders don’t have iLab, so they have “team time.” Some teachers think ILab was a good class to add, but others think it’s a waste of time.

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Schedule Change Between This Year and Last Year