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IFLY Denver Field Trip Canceled Because Of Student Behavior

Taelor Avalos, Editor

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8th grade, team Falcon was told that they were not going on their yearly field trip. IFLY is an indoor skydiving experience, and this year it was canceled due to how big their team is and struggles with student behavior.

“The primary reason why we’re not going to IFLY is because as teachers we are spending a lot of energy on student behavior, so we do not have a lot of energy left over to plan a field trip. The second reason was because with a much larger team we were going to have to really work out the logistics in order to get us all there,” said Jennifer Rike, Language Arts teacher.

Rike had stated that the reason why they are not going to IFLY is because of the students behavior, and it would be to hard to plan the field trip. Compared to last years 8th graders, they were allowed to go on the IFLY field trip. Since team Falcon is so much bigger and more disrespectful this year, 8th graders are not allowed to go on their field trip.

“My view on on student behavior is that they’re just kids, and your growing into your decision making. People make mistakes, we all make mistakes, heck I’ve made a mistake. I don’t ever take anything personally, I just know that people make mistakes, and you learn from it and move on. I think that this spring is going much better rather than back in October or November last year, when then there was a stretch to decision making. Sometimes it gets a little disrespectful and we just address it and move on. I’ve grown and become better in my job because of mistakes that I made,” said Darrell Meredith.
The disrespectful students have been very rude towards teachers and have had disrespectful behavior whether that meant mouthing off or just disrespectful language towards them. A lot of the teachers have decided not to go on the iFLY trip because a lot of the students behavior have been poorly and teachers feel like they don’t want to make an effort to have a field trip for the last year for 8th graders. There are hard working students on the team, but since the modernity of the team is disrespectful they have decided not to go on this years Falcon field trip.

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IFLY Denver Field Trip Canceled Because Of Student Behavior