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School Cell Service Issues

Jeremy Taboada, Editor

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 Sierra Middle School has a wifi system that can support all students personal devices and electronics in classrooms but this wifi comes with major restrictions.  

The wifi has restrictions that deny access to apps and websites like Instagram, Snapchat and most of Youtube. These restrictions are used to prevent students from using social media or looking at inappropriate websites in the school environment.

Teachers have better access to things like Youtube by signing into their school email accounts that have way fewer restrictions so they can be used for educational purposes.

Students during things like lunch and passing period like to check their Snapchat and Instagram feed but with the restrictions it makes it very difficult.  There are ways to get around the system like downloading a VPN app on your phone or going off the wifi.

VPN changes it to a secured mode on your phone and allows these blocked or restricted websites by making you ‘’invisible’’  to the wifi network you’re connected to.  The problem with using VPN is that it can sometimes not work or make it load nothing at all until turned off.  VPN can also be very risky to use though because people can easily steal your passwords and public information.  

Taking yourself off the wifi can be a very big hassle for students and teachers alike because most places in the building have very poor cellular service and wifi service.  Most places especially in the inner classrooms can barely get any texts, calls and wifi.

One of the biggest cases of this being a huge issue is during the 1st semester lock down. Students were unable to text or get word out to their parents on what was happening inside the building.  

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School Cell Service Issues