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Ghosts at Sierra

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In Sierra Middle School there is many rumors of ghosts or paranormal activity. There have been many cases in our school from janitors to kids. Many stories have been told are they true?

  There are many places in our school that have been reported. One is Mr. Palmers broadcasting studio; he has said the doors have slammed shut when they were open. He also said when kids   were in there they saw curtains moving.  

The night janitors have also reported many things, like seeing kids. They reported seeing kids in the courtyard and in the halls laughing, running and playing games. When we interviewed the day janitor Jamie Ramirez about ghosts, he said that it’s pretty quiet during the day.  

A few years ago for a S.T.V. episode a couple of kids took a camera into the electrical room and closed the door, soon after the lights shut off without anyone touching the switch.

The courtyard is meant to be an area so kids can go outside without actually leaving the building. Now kids can just walk through it.

Our school is most likely not haunted, but there are all kinds of different tales.


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Ghosts at Sierra