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There is too Much Construction in Parker

Josh Hoekendorf, Editor In Chief

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New businesses and homes are being built in Parker. Green spaces are taken away when homes, apartments, restaurants, and other buildings are being constructed. These building projects should be stopped to preserve that space.

Currently, there are 87 total projects related to the development of the city. Several include, new storage facilities, pharmacies, schools and other businesses. Housing is being built practically on top of Cherry Creek Trail, south of Main Street.

Lennar, a home building company has started building several new communities in Parker. There are over two-hundred homes planned to be built in one community/subdivision. Then, another entire community off Inspiration Drive is planned to be built, which is an area that had very little houses and now has several communities.

Richmond American Homes has been building homes for a while in Parker. They have started building homes south of Main Street, when walking along the Cherry Creek Trail there are sites right along the trail.

According to the US Census Bureau between 2013 and 2014, 200,000 people moved to Colorado. This showed the need for new homes, and businesses to be built. But, many of the people that move to Colorado come because of the wide open areas, and large green spaces.
With all of of the construction taking place in Parker, in green spaces, and on open land, they take away the things that all people come to see, have and use. The Town of Parker needs to stop building so much and preserve the land that’s there.

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There is too Much Construction in Parker