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End Of The Year Homework

Brie Murphy, Staff

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At the end of the year students are overwhelmed with projects. Teachers are trying to have all of their projects due at the same time so that they have enough time to grade them.

The 7th graders have the MGRP in Social Studies and in Language Arts. On team Telluride students were suppose to write a short writing piece in 1 day.

I have been staying up tell about ten every night doing my homework, Alison Carrico said.

In science there is a project coming up for 7th graders called Brave New World. For 8th graders there is a huge project going on called the Capstone Projects. On top of all of all of that students still have their math tests, and some Compass Learning.

Teachers are having all these projects due at the same time because they need to get them in before the end of the year. But, they could of been doing these projects earlier in the quarter. Now kids aren’t working as hard because it is the end of the year, or they are working really hard, but there is so much going on their projects aren’t as good.

All the projects are due at the end of this week, and after this week there is really no projects going on after this week, and then teachers won’t really assign any more work.  The end of the year is really busy and then there is really nothing going on.

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End Of The Year Homework