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Hailey Toth, EIC

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During the Summer there are important things to do to take care of yourself and to stay on track for summer. Heres some ways to do that.

Lanyard- Bringing a lanyard where you go can be super useful because you can hold money, ID, or hook a portable charger on it.

Sunscreen- Applying sunscreen is super important because your skin is very vulnerable during the summer and the hot sun rays. Serious sunburns can be very dangerous.

Less clothing- In the hot summer sun even just wearing jean shorts and a short sleeve can be too much. Try wearing tank tops and thinner clothing to keep your body heat normal

Water- DRINK WATER. In the sun it’s very easy to get dehydrated and overheated. Drinking water at all times will keep you being able to move quick.

Sunglasses and Hats- Even if you’re not a sunglasses type of person, it’s good to carry some around just in case. The sun can be brutal and instead of shielding your eyes with your hands, wear sunglasses or a hat.
“The most important essential I need for Summer is always my phone. Of course for entertainment, but also in case I need to notify my parents wherever I go.

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