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Kenzie McKnight, Staff

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There are many different students that are related at Sierra, and a lot of them are twins, whether Fraternal or Identical. Depending on the kind of twin they are, it can determine how they act towards each other.

Fraternal twins are twins that don’t look alike, and people sometimes never learn that they are related. Fraternal twins are usually more likely to get into more arguments, because they are so different.

“It’s not as weird as being an identical twin, but it can be strange when you have a thought at the same time,” 8th grader Madi McKnight said.

Identical twins are twins that look very similar. They usually have the same interests, but that can also depend on their genes. They tend to get along more, and they keep each other company.

“She said that her brother gets more stuff from her parents, but I’ve never met him,” 7th grader Lizzy Ahrens said.

Students who are related to one another either way are more likely to argue more, mainly because they know each other inside and outside the house, and they know each other’s flaws.

“Knowing them wasn’t really weird…they’re both super nice. Whenever one didn’t do their work, they would help each other,” 8th grader Madelyn Sylva said.

Twins and siblings in general are usually mistaken for just really good friends. Most times they hang out a lot in middle and elementary school, then drift apart during high school.

“Last year they were in some of the same classes, and I saw them walking in the halls together a lot. I don’t know what high school will be like for them, though,” 8th grader Justine Teters said.

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