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How Students Can Deal With Peer Pressure

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Lizzy Ahrens, Staff

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Everyone experiences peer pressure at some point in their life and a lot of teens face it at school each day. Your peers can influence you almost every day without you even noticing, whether it is to work harder in school, or to dress and act a certain way. Peer pressure is a very dangerous thing for teens because it can get them into things such as drugs and alcohol because they all want to fit in with the others. If you are ever faced with negative peer pressure, there a some strategies you can use to stay safe and healthy.

The first strategy is finding inner strength and confidence within yourself to stand up to the people who may be pressuring you to try negative things. If you are able to confidently say no when you want to, you are less likely to get into unhealthy activities such as doing drugs or consuming alcohol. You can find your self confidence by finding activities that you enjoy and find fun. If you are happy with what you already do, then you may not be as interested in testing new things that others tell you to try.

“If someone has confidence, they don’t need to prove themselves and won’t be as subjective to peer pressure,” Stella Rydahl-Kim said.

Another strategy to avoid peer pressure is having good friends who share similar interests and have the same morals as you. If you have true friends who respect and accept who you are, then they won’t pressure you into things and they will be there to back you up if others do it. It is also important to have other people with you to think about the consequences of your actions.

“If you are really close with someone who doesn’t do bad things, you’re probably not going to take peer pressure from anyone else,” CJ Marsh said

Having an adult to talk to or a role model to talk to is another great way to avoid or deal with peer pressure. Being able to talk to someone about conflicts you face or having someone to discuss your tough decisions with can be helpful because they can help you make the choice that will keep you the safest and best off. Having a role model or goal path is also something that can be helpful when you are faced with a difficult decision. For example, you can ask yourself, “would my role model do this?” or “Will this help me achieve my goal and keep me out of harm?”

“Talking to adults who have experience with what students are experiencing can help build a connection between them,” Avery Smith said.

If you follow these steps and use these strategies, peer pressure won’t be as big of an issue that it can be in your life. You can stay safer and be more focused on school, friendships, and your plans for the future when you aren’t worried about fitting in or trying new things that can have negative consequences for you.

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How Students Can Deal With Peer Pressure