10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Becca Lewis, Staff

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Christmas is a time for giving.  So what gifts do you give your family and friends?   Especially if you are a middle school student buying gifts can be difficult.  Trying to stay under budget and not spending too much on any one person’s gift is stressful.  And, the actual idea of what to give to people is very stressful and hard to figure out. You have to know your friends and families’ interests and hobbies to buy them gifts.  So here are 10 Christmas gift ideas.

If you know your friend likes football, you can get them a football key chain of their favorite team.  If you ask them a week or two before Christmas however, they will be a little suspicious of what you’re getting them.  Another idea for this is a little stuffed teddy bear wearing the team’s jersey.

A great Christmas gift for anyone is always a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.  If it’s known that they are an avid coffee drinker then buying them a gift card to Starbucks would be a great present.  Seeing as Starbucks cost around $5-10 it’s an inexpensive, but thoughtful gift.

If you know someone in your family or one of your friends likes art, getting them a new pencil case or new coloring supplies would be  a great gift that they would really appreciate. Maybe even a new paper pad for them to draw in. Anything they can use for their art.

If your friend has a funny personality or likes certain animated shows, they make cheap, funny, and cute socks which are very expressive of silly personalities. It’s true that on Christmas many kids dread getting socks, but if they are funny and expressive your friend or family will love them.

It is truly the thought that counts when it comes to Christmas gifts.  If you know your friends or family have a sweet tooth, buying them treats on Christmas is great.  Or, even making them yourself, which makes it even more special. Giving it some pretty wrapping and ribbon helps, too.

If there is someone in your life who likes stuff from Bath and Body Works like perfumes and lotion then hand sanitizer is the perfect gift for them.  You can get a 5 pack of hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works for $6.00 from their website. Plus, there’s a variety of scents.

If you have a friend or family member who always has a scrunchy on their wrist or in their hair, you can buy them a new pack of scrunchies, or a single one.  From Amazon you can get a 5 pack of scrunchies for $6.99 and on Forever 21’s website you can get 1 scrunchy for $1.90.

One of the more expensive gifts you can get for someone you love is a t-shirt from their favorite band or performer.  If your loved one likes a certain T.V. show you can buy them a shirt from the show portraying their favorite character that would be a great Christmas gift.  However, many t-shirts which are from popular television or media can cost a lot of money.

If you have a loved one who’s a little bit clumsy and drops their phone a lot or doesn’t have something to prop their phone up with, a great gift for them would be either a PopSocket or a new sturdy and cool phone case.  While PopSockets and phone cases can be a little pricey hopefully it can help your friend or family be safe with their phone. Plus, you can get them cool designs that match their personality.

And last but, not least, the 10th gift idea is a locket or charm bracelet.  This is for the loved one you are the most close with. While they can range in price based on the quality they mean a lot.  Giving a loved one a locket with a picture of you or matching necklaces or bracelets can be a great present.

Any gift you give to a loved one should be special, especially if you put a lot of thought and consideration into it.  Everyone you give a gift to will be very thankful. Try to use these 10 gift ideas for your friends and family this Christmas.  


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