How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions


Stella Rydahl-Kim, Staff

2019 is here and people are ready to set new goals for themselves in this exciting time. It’s tradition to make New Year’s resolutions on this holiday but everyone knows that it can be hard to keep them.

Though it’s hard, it’s not impossible and there are a few ways to make it easier to remember them.

Here are ways to keep New Year’s resolutions:

1. Set a reasonable goal.

Much like our SMART goals here at Sierra, you have to ask yourself if it is achievable. Being closer with family is an achievable, and worth it goal while maybe creating your own cutting all sugar out from your life as a person who eats a lot of sugar. Starting small might be better, like less sugar, cutting all sugar is a really hard and a little unrealistic.

2. Ask yourself if the goal worth it?

Will you really benefit from this goal and will you have the motivation to work on it? If it’s something you’ll fall out of or doesn’t help you in the future there are better resolutions to  be made. Keeping your room clean is a helpful goal, it keeps you tidy and organized. But trying every kind of candy in the world isn’t exactly benefiting you and it’s not healthy.  

3. After setting the goal, set reminders

 A lot of resolutions don’t work because you forget, set reminders on your phone, write it  down, and tell friends to remind you. But also, make sure it doesn’t completely take over your life.

4. Adjust your resolution

A lot of the time, resolutions seem really boring and repetitive, so slight adjustments can be made to keep it interesting or to make your goal fit times your in at the moment. For example maybe you have a schedule change and you need to adjust when and how long you exercise. You should also add to the goal, taking small steps at a time. You can start by cutting down on carbs, then exercise more, and eventually start a diet and keep adding more.

5. Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Finally, don’t beat yourself up. If you break down after every time you skip or forget then you’ll never learn or want to accomplish your goal. Make sure to remind yourself that you’re doing great and to be proud of yourself.

Bonus Tip- Do it with a friend! Then you get positive reinforcement and you have someone going through the same thing. Plus someone to remind you and keep you in check.  

Good luck and Happy New Year!