Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Brandon Oster-Wickstrom, Editor

Today, January 21, Sierra Middle School students had the day off. Although it may just seem like an extra four day weekend, today is an important holiday.

This year on Monday, January 21, the third Monday of the month we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This holiday celebrates the life achievements of King and all that he has done for the United States of America’s progression towards equality between all US citizens.

He was a very important civil rights activist who mainly fought to end racial segregation. He was most known for his “I have a dream” speech.

He was the youngest man at the time to win a Nobel prize, and he was later assassinated on April 4, 1968.

The first official MLK day was in 1986, but the holiday wasn’t celebrated in all of the states until 2000.

Although it is nice to have an extra day off of school, there is a lot behind this holiday, and students should recognize and take time to celebrate this event.