The History Of Valentine’s Day

Khloe Danielson, Staff

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Valentine’s day is every year on February 14th. Valentine’s day is something where you show love, give love, and be with your love ones. Valentine’s day is a special way to give love and give candy to children you love. On Valentine’s day people give presents and chocolate and go on dates to spend love together. You give them something to make them happy.

Valentine’s day all started around 270 BC. They used to call Valentine’s day Lupercalia until at the end of 5th century. Pope Gelasius replaced Lupercalia with Valentine’s day. This day came to celebrate as a day where you love your love ones and romance at the same time.

People celebrate Valentine’s day by children going and getting candy for school on Valentine’s day and they pass the candy around to all of the students. Some of the students make their own candy box or bag and they put the candy in the box. Sometimes you even get party’s on Valentine’s day at school.

Valentine’s day is a fun day to spend time with family and friends and love ones. Make sure to celebrate Valentine’s day with love ones and give them your most attention to them. Presents and chocolate is very good to give on this special day.