Pros and Cons About Snow Days

Khloe Danielson, Staff

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Many people think that snow days are fun and you get to miss school and don’t have any homework.  But there are some cons about snow days and pros. Some of the cons people agree with and some of the pros people agree with.

Snow days are fun and sometimes you get to play out in the snow and miss school, and not have to sit in different classes every hour. Some of the pros of snow days are that you don’t get to have homework that day and if there is any missing homework or sheets to turn in you have that day to them. You also get to play outside and build a snowman and make snow angels which is really fun.

There are cons to snow days which aren’t the best.  If you have multiple snow days then at the end of the year you have to make up those snow days. You would be at school at June to make them up and get all your homework made up and think you missed. Having school in June is not that fun because you get to miss some of your summer time and your free time to be out of school. It also lays off the stress and the homework you get to forget about it and have fun in the summer.

Having snow days are fun and you get to miss school and have a fun day in the snow. The cons take over because you have to makeup that time in the summer and you will miss a bit of your alone time from school which would be sad. Snow days are awesome but at the end you might regret it.