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Amelia Shoemaker, Editor

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Sierra got a therapy dog this year named Remi.  Remi is 1 year old and was trained by the organization Prestige K9.  Remi was trained there for about 3 months before she came to our school.

Prestige K9 does all kinds of dog training.  They train dogs to be service dogs, therapy dogs, obedience, dog boarding, and dog training camps.  They also train you as well as your dog so that you also know how to work with the dog. Marissa Randolph owns the company and Remi was trained by a trainer named Lizzy Bloemer.  Prestige K9 partners with many schools in Colorado to train therapy dogs for them.

Prestige K9 strives to fix behavior problems and give the owner and their dog obedience.  If you want to find a location to go to get your dog trained, there are in four different states that they have locations in the U.S.  They are located in Colorado, California, Arizona, Georgia, and Washington. If you want to call them, their number is, 719-286-9347 and their email are, [email protected].  The closest location to Parker is the one in Castle Rock, 3237 Haystack Road Castle Rock, CO 80104.  

Molly Nichols, a dog handler for Remi says, “Remi is a very obedient puppy and Prestige K9 did an amazing job with her, so if I were to need a dog trainer, I would definitely go with them as a company.  My experience with Lizzy as a trainer was wonderful because she was very detailed when explaining Remis’ commands. Even though Remi is an obedient dog, sometimes she’s a handful and sometimes needs discipline.”


Prestige K9 has a 5-star rating and many people have loved their service.  The handlers were also trained and keep using that training with Remi to make sure she stays the working dog she needs to be.




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