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How to make friends in high school

Kaya Gershkovich, Staff

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In high school making friends does not come easy but it is important to socialize and learn life skills like being apart of a team. High school is a big step and the people you around matter they help you grow. Here are a few ways that can help you gain friends.

A really important step to make friends is joining activities. A couple of these social events could be clubs, sports, and social events. These social events should be things you have an interested in because you will enjoy it more and can bring you closer to the people around you that have the same or similar interests as you. This makes it much easier to have a conversation and get to know your future friends.

Another step to make friends is to make the time to see new people. By making time to see people outside of school. This can give you more time to get to know them and become closer. This also shows the person that you will take the time to get to know them.

Being confident attracts people! If you show you are confident you are others will want to be surrounded by you. The people around you will feed off your good energy. this will help you find confident friends too. You should also smile and complement more often. It will be better to be around you in school or outside of school.

These are just a few ways you can survive high school with a good group of friends. Overall high school is not easy but just be yourself and confident in who you are.

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How to make friends in high school