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3rd Person vs 1st Person Video Games

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Whenever you’re playing a video game and you see that some games you can see your character and sometimes you are the character as in real life. Some people would prefer third person while others prefer first. They both have pros and cons. First person is easier in shooting games because you will be more accurate and in third person you can see more of your surroundings. Some game developers for shooter games also have different opinions.

Also in some games its neither first or third. Like in the game TABS (totally accurate battle simulator) for example you don’t control the characters the game controls the character and you decide where they go and what characters you use for battle.

Also for games that are more for free roaming use third person to show your character and be able to change how it looks. Also some games take to even further by including more control to change to different ones to see behind you or just adjust the type of game play you like to play.

It also all depends what type of gamer or how you like to play or it depends and the game. In my experience I play fortnite and CoM2 (Call of Mini Zombies 2) which are both 3rd person shooters but, I’m better at CoM2 than Fortnite.

Also it depends and what type of gamer you are because some people are really good at one or another. Some prefer 3rd and other prefer 1st. They just all like them for different reasons.

One more reason it depends is how your play. It could make a difference if you are playing on console, PC or mobile. In my opinion first person is better for 1st and PC and mobile are good with both. For people that go from PC to console or hook the controller to the PC they feel a big difference in their skill.

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  1. Kyler Carleton on March 5th, 2019 7:54 am

    This is my favorite story

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3rd Person vs 1st Person Video Games