Hangouts for Sierra Students

Lillie Smith, Staff

There are many people who go places with their friends and hangout. Who doesn’t?

One hangout for Sierra students is Sonic Fast Food Restaurant Company. Sonic has good food and good people working there. Also, It is walking distance from many neighborhoods that live in the SMS area. People like to go there for many other reasons as well. One of those reasons would be that it is not a long way away from another hangout that SMS students go to, which is King Soopers.

King Soopers is a grocery store. It doesn’t sound like a good place to hangout with friends and/or family, but it is if you make it as fun as you want. Also, there is Starbucks coffee and self checkout. There are couches, chairs, and nice smooth coffee in Starbucks. The Starbucks coffee is an amazing place to go if you need a break after trying on fun masks for holidays, looking around, getting stuff, ect. You also can go through the strip mall where King Soopers is and hang out by there.

Sonic is a fast food restaurant that many people enjoy. They have burgers, shakes, slushies, fries, and many other good eats and beverages. There are also outside tables for you to hangout or to just eat and talk. Also, it is a very easy to spot location so you could walk around, go to the convient store next to it, or the strip mall that is nearby. You could also listen to music while walking around to break the silence of the wind soaring across your face.

In conclusion, SMS students love to hang out with family as well. These places are also amazing to be social and hangout with your family without a doubt. Adding onto that there are many ou to e3at or fast food restaurants in the strip mall by Sonic and King Soopers. These hangouts are somewhere you can go and not regret. I never do.