Violence in Society

Nicole Fresquez, Staff

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Another School Shooting! Plastered on every newspaper and news broadcasts across the country. With politicians trying to minimize and or even stop violence in society, is it going to have an effect? In reality violence in society is becoming a common encounter in everyday life as an American citizen because of the diversity of violence, the copycat phenomenon, and of course, the second amendment.

The diversity of violence in the United States currently ranges from assault (of various kinds) to robbery. There were only approximately 15,696 murders, and an estimated 327,374 robberies nationwide, which accounted for an about $390 million in losses. Yet, anti-firearms activists will argue implementing intense firearm laws will end violent crime. However, the FBI states only 71% of the murders in 2015 were committed with a firearm, leaving 4,500 murders remaining without the use of a firearm

The number of mass shootings in the United States is skyrocketing because what is known as the copycat phenomenon. According to CNN, “It seems like Americans are growing in their desire for fame, and there is no doubt that that there is an association between media coverage that these offenders get and the likelihood that they will act.” They see the “fame” other shooters get and the “hype” they feel leads them to follow in previous shooters footsteps. Law enforcement may suggest just to detain members of society with common traits of mass shooters. But in reality the number of people with these “traits”, also known as mental illnesses, has not significantly increased with the number of shootings.  In the words of Adam Lankford, “The fame-seeking rampage shooters will attempt to kill even more victims. We have seen this become almost a kind of competition.” It is just a game for fame to people like this.

Regardless,  Washington DC’s push to pass a firearm reform, the second amendment will always be an obstacle for congress. Liberals may argue that the Second Amendment does not give citizens the right to keep and bear arms, but only allows for the state to keep a militia. Individuals do not need guns for protection; it is the role of law enforcement agencies and the military to protect the people. Additional gun control laws are necessary to stop gun violence and limit the ability of criminals to obtain guns.  More guns mean more violence… Nevertheless, criminals having access to weapons is out of our control, but we do have control over if an everyday U.S. citizen has a way to protect themselves and their family if needed.

Violence in society is becoming part of everyday life because of the diversity of violence, the copycat phenomenon, and the second amendment. The best action to take is still unclear, but there is no stopping it completely.


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