How spending money Impacts your Life

Lillie Smith, Staff

Money. Mostly everyone loves it.

However they don’t really realize the worst that can happen when they lose it or spend it all. Also, many people spend money on things that they do not need. However, money can make our lives much easier. Many people think that having no money ruins and destroys your well being but does it? If you were outside with no money would you not survive a few hours? Money also can decrease our happiness by giving us more control of how we spend our time.

Although, you “need” money to be happy, most people believe that money is more important than that.  Because of this, many Americans spend their lives striving for more money and possessions but find that this materialism makes them less happy. This says that people need money more than they need happiness. Also, many people say that money buys happiness. However money may be able to buy happiness but not natural happiness.

Adding onto that, worth and value are both very important.However, they are not the meaning of happiness. Especially in the career arena. First, consider your own worth and value. Your worth is the amount of money you expect to receive for your level of experience.

One thing that you may want to avoid is to spend lots of money and save some for the future. I say this because you might not want to  spend all of your money at one time because then you would not have money to save for something you truly need. For example, things that you should save money for could be: a nice car, a house, a pet, college, etc. You need to save money to have a successful future. You also could save your money for something small you want to spend it on later in life.