How to become an overachiever

Kaya Gershkovich, staff

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Do you ever see someone overachieving all the time from turning in a perfect paper to giving a perfect presentation, and wonder how they do it or if they were just born with it? Well by reading this you can start your path on becoming an overachiever. Success is measured in many different ways, your confusion, participation, and effort.

It might sound confusing but confusion is a big part of becoming successful. The more you ask a question and engage in the conversation in class or at work the more you will take in and learn from it. You will also learn from your mistakes as well as helping you learn an important lesson, the ability to understand at a higher level and having patience with yourself.

Participation is the key to becoming an overachiever. If you want to be the best you can be put your distraction aside and start working towards your goals. If you begin to gain information from the lessons around you the more you can use them to your advantage. By participating you are able to understand the direction and information better.

Stop procrastinating it will only hurt you in the long run! Procrastination strains your imagination and effort and increases your frustration. The more you put aside work and the chance to overachieve the more once in a lifetime opportunity will pass you up. This will result in you becoming lazy and not respected as much as you could be if you worked hard. You won’t be able to grow and reach your full potential.

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