Outdoor Safety

Kyler Carleton, Staff

Do you ride your bike with a helmet, do you look both ways when crossing the street if so your safe. There are multiple things you have to be safe with even if you are a kid to a grandparent. You always need to be safe even though this is about outdoors (which is where most injuries come from) you can have multiple incidents from indoors as well.

Some main things you can do to be safe outside is always be aware of your surroundings. You don’t know if there is a snake or a rock you could trip over and get an injury. Being aware of your surrounding isn’t just animals and nature it can also be strangers, cars, bikes, and more. You have to be aware of strangers because you don’t know what they are willing to do to you.

A big part of being safe is being smart. Don’t go thinking of jumping off your roof into a pool. It’s not the best idea. Being smart makes you make better choices which also helps you with being safe. If you don’t try being safe while crossing the street and not looking both directions there could be a vehicle speeding your way and you get hit just because you weren’t looking and being smart.

So just smart know your surroundings and be safe. You can also have precautions like knowing what to do when there is a fire or any natural disaster. Know what to do when your not safe.