How To Be More Appreciative Of Your Teachers

Georgia Moran, Staff

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Most of Sierra students and teachers are aware that teacher appreciation week is happening right now. A lot of students don’t know to to show their teachers enough appreciation, but this week is the perfect opportunity to do so!


One way to show appreciation for your teachers is to get them a gift. What’s a better way to say thank you than that? You could get them any number of things, such as a starbucks gift card, a keychain, or maybe a mug that says “Best Teacher Ever!”  If you’re really feeling old school, you could always just bring them an apple!


A more sincere way to show them you care about them is to write them a letter. Some classes have already done this, it’s easy. You just have to write to them a short letter telling them why you appreciate them and thanking them. It doesn’t have to be long at all, it just needs to be honest and sincere.


Although both of these will show your teachers that you are thankful for them, this one really sends them the message more than anything. Be respectful in their class, not just for teacher appreciation week, all the time. Many teachers have shared with their class that they feel disrespected by their own students because of how much they talk in their class and how they can be so rude to them. A teacher will only respect you if you respect them back.


In conclusion, these are all fantastic ways to show your teacher you care. Remember to always be appreciative of your teachers and to always respect them. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, Eagles!


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