The Purpose of a Mascot

Aubryn Peterson, Staff

The roar of the crowd grows as the Bald Eagle races into the stadium leading the sport teams behind them, they wave their arms and the crowd goes wild! Sound familiar?  A mascot is pretty common in sports or school related topics because this logo for schools is a way to express and energize the crowd. 

“The word mascot, to signify something or someone that brings good luck,” Charles L Harmon said to Bestow Good Luck. 

Mascots are all over the place, and they have been for a long time. 1916 was when mascots were first introduced in the US for the Chicago Cubs. The Colorado Rockies, the Broncos, Avalanche, the Nuggets, and even the Sierra has a mascot. In fact, the reason the Colorado Rockies have a dinosaur as their mascot was because a prehistoric dinosaur was discovered in Coors Field. 

“As many as 1,200 birds will visit our state this winter. There are currently an estimated 125 pairs,” The Colorado Parks and Wildlife said. 

So why is Sierra’s mascot a bald eagle? The United States bird is the bald eagle for it’s beauty and independence. Each year 1,200 bald eagles visit Colorado and seeing a bald eagle is already pretty rare. Bald eagles often come to Colorado in the wintering season, which is why so many are seen throughout the year. It is no surprise that Sierra would want their mascot to represent the beauty and independence of students as they continue their educational journey. 

Sierra Middle School’s mascot is a bald eagle named Freedom. The definition of the word Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without restraint. Each student is supposed to demonstrate integrity, innovation, inspiration, and excellence in what they do but they have the freedom to their beliefs and words. Freedom, our mascot, is our way to show teachers, parents, and other schools who the Sierra Eagles are.