History of Valentines Day

Madison Nesti, Staff

Coming up is that time of the year when everyone is celebrating with their loved ones on February 14th. What is so significant about February 14th? That would be Valentines day. Valentines Day has been around for about 2,220 years and is celebrated every year.

The creation of Valentine’s Day started from a death sentence. It was in the 3rd century when Emperor Claudius ll was the leader of Rome. According to bbc.co.uk, Emperor Claudius ll banned marriage because he believed that married men were bad soldiers. Valentines day gets its name from St. Valentine, who was a priest from Rome. St. Valentine thought it was unfair that marriage was banned so he arranged marriages in secret. Claudius found out and Valentine was thrown in Jail and sentenced to death. In jail, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Before he died, he sent a letter saying, “from your Valentine”. 

Valentines day did not originate from the priest, but from a roman festival called Lupercalia. Valentines day spread through Rome when Pope Gelasius said February 14 was officially known as St. Valentines day to honor St. Valentine and end the Pagan celebration. The first Valentine’s day was in the year 496. According to britannica.com, it was celebrated by pairing women with men by lottery. Valentine’s Day traditions changed and as 1800flowers.com says, more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year. 

While some people like Valentine’s Day, others do not. The majority of people that like Valentines Day have a significant other. The majority of people that don’t like it do not have a significant other or don’t want to celebrate. On abc7amarillo.com, Tim Bowels, a representative from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Psychiatric Department, said that Valentine’s Day is tied with a lot of expectations and everyone is thinking that you have to be with a certain person and of course, you leave yourself open to a lot of disappointment.