Improving Your Grades

Brooke Hudson, Editor

Third Quarter is always long and dreadful. With the most intense content all year and teachers trying to cram in a bunch of new content before cmas. Many kids get sick with the flu , miss a lot of school, or some kids just simply fall behind. The best way to always catch up on work or get ahead is just to use these five simple steps!

Access where you are in the quarter. Depending on where you are in quarter, figure out what you have left to do. Like if you have to improve your grade in one class or maybe multiple. Also find out what the missing assignments you have to make up. 

Talk to your teacher. Always talk to our teacher for how you can improve. Ask for extra credit or how you can redo assignments. Do not wait till the last minute. If you have been lazy all quarter long and finally ask for help, your teacher is not going to feel sorry for you. If that is the case, be honest and talk about your behaviors first then, how you can make that up. 

Think about what went wrong. Access your behaviors, whether you have been lazy or just not caring about school. Think what many have caused this and figure out you can fix it. Think back to past years when you have succeeded in school and figure out what worked then and try that out now. This could be like writing in your planner daily or doing your homework when you get straight home from school. Also make sure you write out your behaviors that didn’t work so you won’t do that in the future. 

Make a plan. After thinking about what went wrong always make a plan. Write down the do’s and don’ts to make sure you do what is right. Place that piece of paper somewhere where it could be commonly read and where you don’t forget about it. Make sure plan is reasonable so you don’t overload yourself with work but also make sure you push yourself to where your are succeeding. 

Stick to your plan. Last, and most important step is to stick to your plan! If you came all this way, might as well continue!