How Social Media Can Affect Your Behaviors

How Social Media Can Affect Your Behaviors

Brooke Hudson, Editor

Today many elementary and middle school students have phones. Yet alone Social Media. There is plenty of research that social media can affect your behaviors in good and bad ways. But, did you know that these behaviors can even lead to the classroom? If you look around you today you see people constantly brainwashed into Snapchat or Instagram and here is how this can affect your behaviors in and outside of school. 

Communication is key to successfully graduating from high school and even getting a job when you are older. When you are staring at a screen sending snapchats for hours on end you become brainwashed in something that isn’t even physically there. Sending snapchats is not a verbal source of communication in which is used to develop your personality and talking skills. Communication will play a big part in your life so it is really important to develop good social skills. 

Self-esteem or depression is one of the biggest risk factors in using social media. According to, 9 out of 10 teens have experienced some sort of anxiety or decrease in self-esteem using social media. Anxiety reduces your social encoutryings and involvement with others. Social Media is a great way to look back on the great memories you have had for many years. But it can also make you change the way you see certain moments and events in your life in a negative way.

One you may commonly hear is your sleep. Going to bed with your phone right next to you on your nightstand can be a big distraction. Right, when you crawl in bed you can see your phone light up and you are anxious to know what it is. So, you grab your phone! Which five minutes leads to ten while ten leads to an hour on your phone. Think how much sleep that costed you. A decrease in sleep leads to lower test scores and a lack of energy everywhere you go.

Social Media is a great way to connect to your friends but checking it five times a day or more doesn’t help. There still is plenty of great reasons for social media. But, people need to be careful with it and use it wisely. When you know it starts to affect your behaviors you have gone too far!