What’s Beneficial About Parent-Teacher Conferences?


This photo shows a parent and a teacher discussing a students work ethic at Parent-Teacher conferences.

Madelyn Crosby, Staff

Parent-Teacher conferences allow parents to come into school to speak to their child’s teachers. At Sierra Middle School conferences occur in Quarter 1 and Quarter 3. The real question is, how are conferences beneficial to the point where we participate in them every semester?

Conferences allow parents to have a feel for what happens around the classroom. Parent-Teacher conferences also tell parents a lot about a teacher, the things that students are learning, and how students are performing in school. On team Colorado River and team Platte River, students are asked to tell their parents about their strengths/accomplishments in a class and some of the things that the student needs to work on in that class. If parents know what their child needs then they may feel more obligated to help them. When parents go to conferences this may show their children that school is important and that parents want to be involved in their children’s education. Parents can also learn if the school is the right fit for students. If a student seems unengaged in class, lazy, and uninterested, then a parent may be able to help their child stay engaged in class.  

Conferences are also beneficial to students because they give them the chance to share their feelings about the work that they are producing. If a student feels that they need additional help or that they may be in the wrong class, conferences would be a good time to mention this. Conferences can also help a student ask questions about their grades if they are unsure why they got a certain grade. Students also can determine what areas of school they need improvement in when they attend conferences. They get to hear first hand what their teachers think they need to improve on and they can brainstorm with their parents and teachers what they are going to do to improve. 

Conferences are beneficial to teachers in many ways. Teachers can have a chance to speak face to face with a parent about their concerns for a student. Teachers can learn about how a child obtains information when they get to speak to a parent. Talking to someone that really knows a student can give teachers new ideas about how to help that student the best.


This photo shows a parent and a teacher discussing a student’s work ethic at Parent-Teacher conferences.