Dealing With Peer Pressure

Brooke Hudson, Editor

Peer Pressure is the influence of people from their peers. Middle school is a time in your life where everything around you is changing. Peer Pressure will occur in your life under some type of circumstance. Most of the time people, choose to give into peer pressure than to say no. But, peer pressure isn’t always bad. It can also do many good things too. 

A bad example of peer pressure could be your at the mall with your friends and their trying to get you to shoplift something like a really cute necklace you found. You could be really hesitant but your friends convince you to do so. A good example of peer pressure could be your talking on the phone with your friends and you have to study for a big test tomorrow. Your friends would be convincing you to get off the phone. So you do. 

How to deal with negative peer pressure

  • Chose the right friends. Depending on who you hang out with, your decisions and actions good be either really good or really bad. If you start hanging out with friends who do drugs you probably would end up doing the same thing.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. You need to learn how to be relistent. This can help you when you enter high school, college, and in your future career. 
  • Get out of the situation. If you’re in a group and your friends start to getting into trouble get out! Have your parent come pick you up and always have an excuse ready. 

Jill Whitney who is a therapist and an expert in teen decision making says “ Peer Pressure is on the rise and has been the past couple years. Teens need to learn how to be resilient and stand up for themselves.”  

As a result of peer pressure ratings of use of drugs and alcohol among teens have increased over the year and here are some statistics to prove it; 

  •  Close to 31% of students reported having ever smoked a cigarette, compared to almost 54% in 1991.
  • In 2010, 27% of students said they got drunk in the past year. This is down from almost 40% in 1997.

With peer pressure on the rise it is very important to now what it is, pick the right friends, and be careful in which situations you can get your self into. Just make sure you are surrounded by the right people!