Healthy Eating Habits Affects School Work Ethic

Madison Nesti, Staff

Some Sierra Middle School students may think that they have developed healthy eating habits. However, most of them do not. Eating healthy can affect school work ethic and can be helped or changed at any time. Not only will eating healthy affect your school work ethic but will also affect your lifestyle and physical health. 

Healthy eating can have major effects on your school work ethic and the way you live your life. For most students, they do not have time to eat breakfast in the morning or choose not to eat lunch. Whether this is because they are not hungry or something else is bothering them, it is not healthy for your body. Everything we eat is converted by our body into glucose, which provides energy for our brains to stay alert during the day. According to, 40% of students eat breakfast in the morning, while 60% do not. 14% of students skip all meals except for dinner. This causes them to be very tired during the day. 

Not eating healthy won’t only affect your school work ethic, but can also affect factors that lead into school work ethic. Lack of nutrition and healthy diet options can lead to stunted mental and physical development in young children. For example, if you tend to not eat super healthy, some people might bully you for it. Bullying someone can lead to depression or anxiety and they may not care about classwork.

Although changing your diet can be hard, there are small ways you can help yourself. First, try making eating decisions before you eat so you know what you want ahead of time. When you wake up in the morning, think about what you want for lunch. According to, we are a lot better at resisting salt, calories, and fat in the future than we are in the present. Next, make time to eat breakfast in the morning. Finally, instead of letting your glucose drop throughout the day until lunch time, pack snacks to eat during the day to balance your glucose levels over the hours. 

If those methods are hard to stay consistent with, there are some different foods you can eat to boost your glucose levels. Some foods produce glucose quickly like pasta, bread, cereal, and soda. Eating cereal or even toast in the morning can keep you energized for a couple hours. Other foods that are high in fat like avocados, cheese, and eggs produce glucose at a slower rate and take longer to process. For example, eating eggs in the morning might fill you up, but you will still be tired and struggle to focus.