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Healthy Tips For Healthy Friendship

These tips can help you and your friends maintain a healthy friendship.

Emilie Garrett, Staff

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A lot of kids have trouble making friends, and those who do have friends, sometimes have trouble keeping them. I decided to give some tips to maintain a healthy friendship.

-Don’t make a big deal over something small

-Try to avoid making high expectations

-Communicate clearly

-Respect each other

-Always be yourself around them

– Make sure to admit your mistakes when u make them

-Give each other space when they need it

-Avoid making assumptions about your friends `

-Always be honest to each other

-Dont turn them into cupcakes

-Don’t suspect things that may not be true

-Never underestimate yourself on what you can do

-Try, if you don’t try, you don’t really care so why even be friends?

-Be chill and just relax, let things happen

-Help each other reach goals even if they seem small to you

-Have fun

-Eat chocolate together as friends

-Be positive when around each other

-Make sure to fit in time to do fun activities together


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Healthy Tips For Healthy Friendship