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6 Ways to Decrease Stress from Homework

Jesse Nystrom, Staff

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School is a very stressful place for students. Whether it’s through homework, your social life,  or even getting enough time to exercise, everyone has some stress at school.

Many people set very high expectations for themselves when it comes to school work. If you feel like your goals are too hard to reach, tone them down a bit. It can create a lot of stress if you’re constantly working towards a goal you can’t reach.

Lots of people procrastinate when it comes to schoolwork and homework. When you get home the first thing you should do is your homework or incomplete classwork. Eventually this will become a habit.

Snacking can act as a reward finishing your homework. Also, you can eat first and it will help you to focus and work harder. Although, if you eat while doing homework be careful not to make a mess on your work.

When you get good grades or meet a goal you should reward yourself. For example, you could go to get ice cream, play video games, or go outside. However, don’t take important things away when don’t meet a goal.

For some people it doesn’t help, but listening to music can help increase focus. According to scientific studies made by Seattle Pi, music with lyrics activates the language processing part of your brain, and increases productivity.

According to Paul May, if you run every 20 minutes of studying it helps you remember what you studied. This happens because, your instinct tells your brain to store what happened before you ran, so that you can remember the situation that caused you to run in the first place.  

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6 Ways to Decrease Stress from Homework