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Guide to a Good Student Hygiene

Tyler Airozo, Staff

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It can be very difficult for students in middle school to try and control their hygiene. Here are some ways that you can help make your hygiene better.


Bathe regularly.  Wash your hair and body every day. According to Dr. Novey, you do not have to take a shower every day you just need to clean your body and shampoo your hair at regular intervals that work for you. If you participate in a sport of extracurricular activity that causes you to produce sweat make sure you’re taking a shower after that sport. “Your body is also constantly shedding skin,” Novey explains. “That skin needs to come off or it will cake up and can cause illness.”


Brush and floss. You should definitely brush your teeth after every meal if you can, but if anything at least brush twice a day (once at night and once in the morning) and floss at least once. Not brushing/flossing can cause a buildup of bacteria which will lead to more serious cases like tooth decay or gum disease. You can also chew some mint gum after eating a mean that way your breath doesn’t wreak of the previous meal you ate.


Do not wear the same clothes each day. Many students come to school each day wearing the same exact clothes they wore the day before. At least wash the clothes before you wear them again. Believe it or not, when you wear maybe the same sweatshirt every day with a different T-Shirt under it, you should still wash that shirt regularly because it will stink up and that’s the same with many different articles of clothing.


In the end, just make sure you’re following these easy steps to make your life so much better in the long run.


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Guide to a Good Student Hygiene