Kids making unhealthy snack choices

Alex Heckle, Editor

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In most classes they allow us to have snacks, but sometimes are they too unhealthy?


Many kids bring snacks that are not only unhealthy, but make a mess.


Some snacks that kids bring are healthy, clean, and taste good are goldfish, fruit, granola bars, and pretzels.


When kids bring snacks like takis they make a mess and also cause a distraction. Some teachers have to take them away and ban them from the class.


Teachers who allow food in the classroom normally let the students snack for the first five or ten minutes, and sometimes the students don’t stay on task or get to work, if we had healthier snacks then we might not have the problem with sharing snacks and having to clean up the mess.


“It depends on the student’s self control.” student Avery Shankles states, some kids don’t have a lot of self control so they snack in many of their classes and throughout the classes, so self control is another thing that many students need to work on.


Students bring healthy snack sometimes, but they have to much of it, the will have many different healthy snacks, students should only have one granola bar, not five.


Eight out of twelve kids do not eat breakfast, so many kids should have a little bit of snack in the morning, but many kids also eat snack right after or right before lunch. You should really only have a little bit of snack in the morning and wait until lunch.


If you eat a healthy snack you should feel satisfied for at least an hour or two, it is a reasonable amount of time to wait for lunch. You shouldn’t be eating snack every hour, if you did you would be having almost seven snacks just at school.


Eating healthier and less salty snacks you won’t be as hungry. If you eat fruit like an apple you won’t be as hungry after, but if you eat some chips you will probably want more after.


When you eat healthier snacks you will feel better throughout the day, you will have more energy and will be more concentrated on school work.
All in all, snacks should benefit us both physically and mentally, so healthy snacks are a better choice.