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Middle Schoolers Are Not Eating Right

Sky Huson, Staff

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We eat unhealthy foods such as chips, cookies, sodas, etc. But is that really what we should be eating for our school lunches? Schools need to start serving lunches that contain more healthy snacks that kids are interested to, but are still healthy!

Students aren’t eating right, according to Colorado Obesity Researchers(Colorado Children’s Campaign) states are getting more obese as more middle school students are bringing unhealthy lunches without their parents packing their lunches.

Colorado has been known as one of the healthiest states in the nation, a claim that reinforces a culture of activity, community and well-being.

Colorado is ahead of the curve in this area, we aren’t immune to the growing trends that threaten the health of people across the nation.

Students are eating lunches that can increase of obesity. Colorado is starting to become more obese as we grow. Even though, people need to help each other eat more healthy.

Students aren’t eating healthy lunches because parents aren’t helping the students make healthy decisions. Parents dread sending their kids to school without helping them make a healthy decision each day before they go to school.

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Middle Schoolers Are Not Eating Right