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School snack bars

Drew Kida, Editor/ Writer

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As most to all sierra students know, we have a snack bar in both the lunchroom and in the “kiosk” but are the snack choices healthy? Well the answer is simply no. In the in lunch snack bar there a cookies, muffins, chips, beef jerky, energy drinks and fruit snacks, along with water. Now, not all of this is healthy in fact the only thing “healthy” in that mix of snacks is the beef jerky.


In the “kiosk” snack bar they sell candy, gum, gatorade, soda, popcorn and school wear so again… nothing healthy. Though students love the snack choices they are doing us no good, student are buying sometimes 6-10 cookies and then eat almost all of them.


A big problem with all these unhealthy snack choices is that students are not getting their needed nutrition to grow efficiently and properly. Since 1992 kids have consumed 260 more average calories a day. This is causing 20% more obesity by 2022.
Point being that schools should make snack bars more beneficial for student health rather than giving students access to unhealthy food.

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School snack bars