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Are Phones Affecting your Sleep?

Denver Harford, Staff

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Most teenagers sleep with their phones right by their side making it more tempting to to go on Facebook or snapchat to text your friend one last time. Well, in your body there is a chemical called melatonin. It tells your body that it is time to sleep but your phone causes that chemical to not be released because, of the light from your phone.


The Ohio State University did a study on the use of cellphones around bedtime. The study showed that phone or computer use has a positive connection with insomnia and it prevents the chemical melatonin from being released.


Being awake an extra hour or two every night can cause you to be tired and not focus during school and affect your learning. This would cause you to get bad grades and fail. Depending on what kind of parents you have you could grounded.


Sleeping is a way of helping your body recharge so if you don’t sleep you will constantly be tried and will not be able to move very well. Then again you will not be able to focus in school and not get education.
Overall phones can cause more problems than you think so ten minutes before you go to bed try to put your phone away and do something else.

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Are Phones Affecting your Sleep?