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Teen Hygiene

Jaden Martinson, Staff

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As teenagers make the transition into adulthood, they will face a variety of changes, including ones that impact hygiene. It is a very important component of becoming a teenager. It is one of the main ways to stay healthy.

Students are not paying much attention to their hygiene, which makes them smell really bad and makes them feel and look dirty. So to avoid this they should take showers, put on deodorant and cologne/perfume. Putting on clean clothes at least twice a day contributes to a balanced daily hygiene.

“A lot of teens really have that sweaty sock syndrome,” says Charles Wibbelsman, MD, chairman of the Chiefs of Adolescent Medicine for Kaiser Permanente of Northern California.

Showers are important as well for your hygiene. Showers wash away sweat and bacteria that is on the skin that causes odors. Keeping clean is an important part of staying healthy. For example, the simple act of washing hands before eating and after using the toilet is a proven and effective way of fighting off germs and avoiding sickness.

If you just pay a little bit closer to your hygiene, you will feel relieved and feel much better.  It is a good idea to talk this subject over with a pre-teen, so that they are prepared when they hit adolescence.

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Teen Hygiene