Free Lunch?

Ellie VanGorder, Staff

In Sierra middle school we have a diverse population of students. All the students have different backgrounds and homes that they come from. A group of kids might not be able to buy lunch because there is no money in their account, if there isn’t they don’t get to eat lunch. This has many negative effects on the school day.

As a main meal in many parts of the country and world lunch is staple for day to day live, and it has many physical and mental positive effects. Lunch especially after a day of learning can recharge your brain and raises blood pressure for concentration and focus.If the students are more concentrated on their work then class test scores would improve.Also, it keeps your metabolism in balance which is very important if you have a PE class before or after lunch.

Skipping lunch is a common thing if your in a rush or want to lose weight, but this rarely works. If you don’t eat lunch it can revamp you appetite later in the day causing students to make less healthy and beneficial eating habits. If the schools provide healthy lunches that provide all 5 of the food groups for free the students, school and overall district could improve. If kids can’t afford lunch then they are often embarrassed to speak up which means they go hungry if they haven’t had breakfast or dinner. Giving out free lunches would solve this problem.

Some argue that it is unfair to use taxpayers money to pay for kids lunches. I think that this is a ridiculous point  because that it not a bad thing to pay for children to eat so they do well in school. If the parents are complaining about their kids not eating then their tax payer money can pay for it and it shouldn’t be a problem. Are people really so self absorbed that they don’t children to eat?

In conclusion, at Sierra Middle School I believe that we should give out free lunches to kids who really need it. We can’t just assume what kids home life it like and if they eat or not. Having free lunches would be very beneficial to the students, school and even the district overall. Maybe Sierra should open to this idea for students, staff and teachers.