What You Should Do When You Are Sick

Khloe Danielson, Staff

Everyone gets sick once a while because of the winter or allergies. In winter you mostly get the cold with cough, stuffy nose, headache, stomach ache. You would mostly not know what you have until you check with the doctor. Here are some hacks for getting better when you are sick.

When you have a cold you have a fever so what you would want to do is take ibuprofen. Then if your fever is going on after a couple of hours then take Tylenol. You would want to switch on and off with it so that you would take to much of the same thing.

When it’s the spring and you have a stuffy nose and you sneeze a lot you would want to take allergy medicine. The reason why is so it would get better and that you would get snot everywhere when you sneeze. I would prefer having little packs of tissues with you just in case you don’t sneeze and snot will go everywhere.

These hacks will help you when you are sick and having a huge headache. It would also help with your allergies. Always wash your hands to keep clean.