Hobbies Make You Happy

Kelly Hobbick, Staff

Is there something that you enjoy doing more than anything else? Do you have a hobby? Recent studies have shown that having a hobby can reduce stress and make you happier. Some may say that they don’t have a hobby, they are simply too busy with their everyday lives, but hobbies don’t have to be something that you need to spend money to do.

Even though many people may argue that their hobby is watching television, but watching TV is not a hobby. Watching TV is not exactly relaxing, and watching too much can lead to poor sleep patterns.

According to LifeAndHealth.org, Your hobby can be something that you do with other people, or alone. Hobbies range from anything like reading and writing to mountain biking and hiking – it all depends on your personality. People who are go-getters would probably prefer hiking or biking whereas people who aren’t quite as active might enjoy painting or calligraphy. Playing sports is also a good hobby, especially if it makes you happy to play it.

People have some busy schedules, with school and other activities as well as homework, we rarely have any time to sit around and do the things we love. Instead of playing games or texting on our phones, try to do something else for a change, and do something that is good for your mind and soul.

TheGuardian.com states that the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle may be more simple than you think, get a hobby! It doesn’t matter if your friends might tease you for your hobby if it’s something that you love, there is nothing that can hold you back from doing it!