How Rumors Can Impact Students’ Mental Health

Georgia Moran, Editor

Middle school can be a hard period in life for anyone. One of the things that makes it so unbearable is rumors. There’s constantly rumors going around from student to student, and it’s getting hectic. 


Whether it’s because of an argument with a friend, someone you don’t like, or it’s “just for fun,” spreading rumors is never okay. Everyone spreads rumors at some point or another, without thinking of the real consequences. Or maybe some do, and they just don’t care.


Everyone, at some point, makes toxic friends that love to gossip, especially in middle school. Rumors go around like a phrase goes around in a game of telephone. They tell you one thing, you tell someone another, and eventually, it turns into a totally different story. Nobody has any idea of what the truth is.


You’ve probably heard people say, “It’s not a big deal” or “Nobody else will know” when they’re telling you something, and you’ve believed it. Well, say there’s a rumor going around about one person. You don’t realize the negative impact it has on them. These are the kinds of things that drive people to self-harm, or sometimes even kill themselves.


You should never spread rumors or let them be spread by other people. If someone tells you a rumor, keep it to yourself. You might not realize how serious it is before it’s too late.