Pros and Cons of Daylight Savings

Emma Galesic, Editor

Daylight savings was created a long time ago so that people could save energy and make a better use of the time that we have in the daylight; but, is the time change really beneficial, or are there more drawbacks into saving the daylight?


 Surprising enough daylight savings time actually causes a drop in crime rates! Due to the extra light in the evening crime rates have dropped by 7% and 27% for the extra hour of sunlight gained in the evening, because they feel less able to commit a crime at night without getting caught. Because the extra hour is close to when people get out of work, it makes easier targets for crime when people are walking to their car, to their home, etc. when they are in the dark. By having some extra sunlight, less people are having to do those things which are the main crime source.

There is more light in the evening to enjoy and get things done. Retailers also have high appreciation during daylight savings time because it gives people the chance to go out and purchase things and eat out at later times which benefits the income of workers. It is also beneficial to building that close at later times such as schools and jobs so that people aren’t leaving them in the dark. It makes a safer living environment for those who would have to walk in the dark or stay out late.


Daylight savings can also develop very negative health problems with the time change, and not letting your body adjust long enough to the difference in times and sunlight. Some of the health risks associated with daylight savings are heart attacks, ischaemic stroke, and some sleep deprivation. The body does not get used to the time, and when it keeps changing it puts on a lot of stress and can cause dozens of health problems.

Not only can time change impact your physical health, but also your mental health. Have you ever felt the intense stress that the time change brings when you have to remember to change every clock in the house and remember the new time that you have to wake up in order to not be late for school or work? Everyone feels this way. And it is annoying to do this change multiple times each year. Daylight savings has been claimed to cause anxiety, mental illness, bipolar disorder, and seasonal effective disorder (or S.A.D.) These thinks can also be known as “Winter depression.” These affects are very serious and have a huge impact on our personal wellness.


In the end, there are positives and negatives to both sides of the story… But are the better impacts really worth all of the risks to people’s physical and mental health? How is this going to impact peoples lives moving forward, and should there be a change?