The Importance of Social Distancing

Georgia Moran, Editor

As everyone knows, there is a pandemic going around right now, a coronavirus called COVID-19. We are told to practice social distancing, but many people are not listening. Here are some things to remember.

What is social distancing? If you’re not already aware, social distancing is keeping a distance between yourself and other people. This means that you need to stay home as much as possible. The CDC says that only one person should be allowed out of each household, but only to do necessary tasks such as grocery shopping. And if you do end up going out, maintain a distance of six feet apart from other people.

Some people don’t seem to understand the severity of what could happen if they don’t social distance. After all, we were given instructions for a reason. If we avoid instructions from doctors, scientists, and the CDC, the outbreak can and will get worse. By being around other people, you are risking your life as well as other people’s lives. Teenagers are not greatly affected by the disease, but that doesn’t mean we should endanger other people who are more vulnerable, such as pregnant women and senior citizens.

The world is going through an incredibly rough time right now, and we need to make it better. If you are going out just for fun, please remember what could happen because of you. Stay safe.