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Technology in Class

How technology can be beneficial to students and teachers.

Johanna Mcnellis, Staff

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Many students enjoy using technology in class, but have you ever thought about the benefits and non-benefits about using it?

Students tend to enjoy learning with the computers rather than reading books and informative papers. “In math we get to use this site on the Chromebooks called IXL. I prefer using that than using the math books because it keeps me focused and on topic.” said Emilie Garrett.

Even though there are benefits to using technology, there is one problem that every student goes through when using the computers; the distractions. On the internet there are so many ways to get distracted like playing games.

“The worst part is that it can get very distracting with all the things you could do on the computers” said Jackson Trayer.

In a year the U.S. uses about 69 million tons of paper. So the more we use computers, the more paper we save.

Technology can cause many distractions but it is also a great to use in class to help you with research.

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Technology in Class