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How to finish the year strong

Khayla Minty, Staff

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Finishing the year strong is always important. Moving on to a different grade can be hard especially if you don’t aim for good grades. Having good work habits may be difficult this time of year so, there’s a couple things that you can do.

Staying on task is one of the important things to finish the year strong. It’s important that you are focused on the assignments you are doing so that you can do them well. If you don’t know whats going on then how are are you going to get productive work done?

Another thing that can help is staying organized. Knowing where your work is and planning out things that you may need to get done can help a lot. Organizing by work that needs to get finished vs stuff you can throw away for the year can be helpful.

Getting work done ahead of time is something to also consider doing. If you chooses a day to get assignments done early then you won’t have to stress about it later and finish with low quality work.

Setting goals is another thing that can be helpful. Planning out how you want to end your year and how you plan to do it can be very motivating. Accomplishing academic goals that you’ve been making is such a good feeling and would be a great note to end on.

Even adjusting you attitude and the way you look at school can have a positive impact on your work as well as other things. If you come to school with a positive attitude the school days will go by faster and you might put more effort into the work you’re doing.

Working with your peers is another way to finish the year strong. Having somebody to work with and helping each other with assignments can be helpful for the both of you. It can make work more fun and go by faster when you are both working together.

This may sound irrelevant to school but taking time for yourself can be the most important thing you can do. Whether it’s catching up on sleep, or enjoying the free time you have can benefit you and the effort you put into school. “ If I get a lot of sleep then i’m not in as bad of a mood the next day and am happy.”- Sierra Student

Overall remembering what you’ve worked for and the hours you spent on school is a good way to look at finishing the year strong. Don’t let all of the work you put into school go to waist by your effort dropping. “ It is still important that students try even though school is coming to an end for many reason.”- Sierra School teacher.

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How to finish the year strong